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Color black facts

20 Shady Facts About The Color Black

Did you know that scientifically, the color black isn't even considered a color? It's just a complete lack of light.

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Facts about the color white

20 Wonderful Facts About The Color White

When you see the color white on your TV, it’s not actually white – it’s a mixture of green, red and blue lights.

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Facts about Michelangelo

10 Magnificent Facts About Michelangelo

Did you know that Michelangelo designed the fortifications for his hometown, the city of Florence?

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Why are red and green associated with Christmas?

Why Are Red And Green The Colors Of Christmas?

In Christianity red represents the blood of Jesus, while green represents his eternal life.

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Mona Lisa facts

5 Fascinating Facts About Mona Lisa

Did you know that the famous Mona Lisa painting has only been stolen once?

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The world's teeniest sculptures

The World’s Teeniest Tiny Sculptures

Artist Willard Wigan creates sculptures some as small as a thousandth of an inch using rice grains as his medium.

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The world's oldest cave art

The World’s Oldest Cave Art

Did you know that there are a total of 400 recognized cave drawing sites that have been discovered in Europe alone?

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Crazy Salvador Dali Facts

15 Sensational Facts About Salvador Dalí

Did you know that Salvador Dalí believed he was the reincarnation of his dead older brother?

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Phenominal Facts About Pablo Picasso

30 Phenomenal Facts About Pablo Picasso

When Pablo Picasso died in 1973, he was the richest artist in history.

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Top 5 Tools You Can Use To Create A Logo

Top 5 Tools You Can Use To Create A Logo

Wix is one of the largest website builder platforms after WordPress. And you can even create a logo without leaving the Wix site.

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Amazing Van Gogh Facts

30 Impressive Facts About Vincent van Gogh

During his lifetime, van Gogh created about 2,100 pieces of art. Most of them were done in the last 2 years of his life.

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Tattoo Facts

30 Astonishing Facts About Tattoos

Did you know that only 5% of Americans have had one tattoo covered up by another tattoo?

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