Most celebrities are often typecast into specific roles; however, they are much more than they seem in the media.

Here we’ll explore your favorite celebrities, looking at the facts about their early life, career, family & hobbies, and much more!

Whether you’re looking for actors, singers, authors, or simply want to browse our facts, here you’ll find the most surprising and downright weird facts about all your favorite stars!

32 facts about Lana Del Rey

32 Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know About Lana Del Rey

While Lana Del Rey may not come across as the sporty type, did you know she's a football fan and supports Liverpool FC?

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Facts about Tom Holland

45 Terrific Facts About Tom Holland That You Didn’t Know

Did you know that Tom Holland's first tattoo was a Spider-Man logo on the bottom of his foot?

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Jonathan Banks facts

25 Intriguing Facts About Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks was paid $100,000 for each episode he played Michael Ehrmantraut in the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul!

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Facts all about Chuck Norris

100 Real Facts About Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris was the first westerner to ever receive an 8th-degree black belt Grand Master in Taekwondo.

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Facts about Néstor Carbonell

23 Remarkable Facts About Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell studied alongside Matthew Fox at high school, who he later worked with in the television show Lost.

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Inspiring facts about Steve Jobs

15 Inspiring Facts About Steve Jobs

Did you know that Steve Jobs has over 300 patents with his name on them?

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Facts about Gordon Ramsay

20 Appetizing Facts About Gordon Ramsay

Did you know that celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a black belt in Karate?

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Facts about Rihanna

45 Fabulous Facts About Rihanna

Did you know that singer-songwriter Rihanna won her High School beauty pageant when she was 16 years old?

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Facts about Dwayne Johnson

35 Interesting Facts About Dwayne Johnson

Did you know that Dwayne Johnson was so tall in school that his classmates thought he was an undercover cop?

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Halsey facts

30 Heroic Facts About Halsey

In June 2020, Halsey set up The Black Creators Fund to provide financial support and resources to black artists.

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Facts about Loren Gray

25 Fun Facts About Loren Gray

When American singer Loren Gray started to gain fame on TikTok, she was bullied, and her mother had to withdraw her from school.

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Facts about Ryan Hurst

25 Interesting Facts About Ryan Hurst

In 2011 Ryan Hurst won his first award at the Satellite Awards for "Best Supporting Actor" for his appearance in Sons of Anarchy.

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