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Facts about Ukraine

37 Interesting Facts About Ukraine

Arsenalna station in Kyiv, Ukraine, is 346 feet underground, making it the world's deepest metro station.

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Vermont facts

15 Magnificent Facts About Vermont

Did you know that Vermont is the largest producer of maple syrup in the United States?

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We do we eat birthday cakes?

Why Do We Eat Cake On Our Birthdays?

Did you know that in Mexico, the first slice of your birthday cake must be given to the person you love the most?

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Facts about Utah

15 Notable Facts About Utah

Did you know that it's illegal to cause a catastrophe in the state of Utah?

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Facts about Jack in the Box

10 Interesting Facts About Jack In The Box

Did you know that Mark Hamill worked in Jack in the Box as a teenager before he rose to fame as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars?

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Facts about Antarctica

60 Interesting Facts About Antarctica

In 2013, Metallica performed in Antarctica to an audience of 120 people, making them the first band to play on all 7 continents.

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National Milk Day

National Milk Day | January 11

Did you know that milk is rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin B, which is great for reducing tiredness & fatigue?

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Medieval Era hygiene

8 Unhygienic Habits People Had During the Medieval Age

Did you know that during the medieval ages, people used urine to treat bruises and other open wounds?

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Why people never smiled in old photos

The Reasons Why Nobody Smiled in Old Photos

Did you know that smiling was considered idiotic and a lower-class action from the 1800s to the 1900s?

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Facts about Texas

15 Terrific Facts About Texas

Did you know that Texas is the second-largest US State and is bigger than any European country?

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Facts about January's birthstone - garnet

15 Interesting Facts About Garnet, January’s Birthstone

The oldest garnet necklace ever discovered was located in an Egyptian tomb and is believed to be over 5,000 years old.

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Facts about New Years Eve

20 Facts About New Year’s Eve To Know Before The Countdown

A Columbian New Year's Eve tradition is to run around with empty suitcases, to fill the coming year with travel and adventure.

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