What goes up must come down! But does anyone actually know why?

There are many funky facts about physics between inventors and natural wonders, and these articles will shock you!

Now the only question is, which one will you read first?

What is electricity

What Is Electricity?

Did you know that Thomas Edison invented the first long-lasting incandescent light bulb?

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What causes thunder and lightning?

What Causes Thunder And Lightning?

Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the highest concentration of lightning.

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Pink Rainbow

Is The Color Pink In The Rainbow?

If all colors are in the rainbow, then where's pink? According to scientists, pink isn't a real color... it's a human-made color.

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What is gravity?

What Is Gravity?

The word "gravity" comes from the Latin word "gravitas", which means "weight".

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Black Hole Photograph 2019

What Happens If A Person Goes Into A Black Hole?

Did you know that some black holes are as small as just one atom yet contain the mass of a giant mountain?

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A history of fridge magnets

The Magic History Of Fridge Magnets

The first commercial refrigerator was created by Fred W. Wolf and wasn't available until 1913.

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Why is The Sky Blue?

Why is The Sky Blue?

Many people believe the sky is blue because it reflects the color of the ocean, but no, that’s a huge myth!

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Can you float with balloons?

How Many Balloons Does It Take To Float A Human?

In 2011, a team recreated the iconic balloon scene from "Up". The house reached 10,000 feet and flew for about an hour.

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You're gonna wanna sit down for this

The World’s Quietest Place

This place is so quiet that nobody has been able to stay in the chamber in darkness for more than one hour.

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Fun Facts About Isaac Newton

20 Interesting Facts About Isaac Newton

Did you know that Isaac Newton's father was also called Isaac Newton?

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The End of the Rainbow

Can You Reach The End Of A Rainbow?

Did you know that a rainbow will always be the same distance away from you, no matter where you are?

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A Spoonful of Oil Can Calm A Lake - Before Photo

A Spoon Of Oil Can Calm A Lake

Benjamin Franklin would tell people that he could calm a choppy lake with the touch of his cane. He used oil for this magic trick.

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