Aaron Lao

Aaron Lao
Aaron is a freelance eCommerce content writer and email marketer. He's on a mission to learn a lot about different subjects in his lifetime. When he isn't writing, expect him to work on his hobbies while documenting his progress.
10 Unusual Ways People Celebrate Valentine's Day

10 Unusual Ways People Celebrate Valentine’s Day

42% of Americans in a relationship said financial security is one of the most attractive traits their partners can have.

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Facts about Jack in the Box

10 Interesting Facts About Jack In The Box

Did you know that Mark Hamill worked in Jack in the Box as a teenager before he rose to fame as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars?

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Facts about Antarctica

60 Interesting Facts About Antarctica

In 2013, Metallica performed in Antarctica to an audience of 120 people, making them the first band to play on all 7 continents.

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National Milk Day

National Milk Day | January 11

Did you know that milk is rich in calcium, protein, and vitamin B, which is great for reducing tiredness & fatigue?

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Facts about New Years Eve

20 Facts About New Year’s Eve To Know Before The Countdown

A Columbian New Year's Eve tradition is to run around with empty suitcases, to fill the coming year with travel and adventure.

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What is a digital nomad?

What Is A Digital Nomad?

The term "digital nomad" was created in 1997 because of a book published by Wiley called The Digital Nomad.

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Carbohydrate facts

10 Energizing Facts About Carbohydrates

Did you know that carbohydrates like white bread, cake, and potato chips are bad for your teeth?

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Facts about Jeffrey Dahmer

30 Bone-Chilling Facts About Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was obsessed with Star Wars and wore yellow contact lenses to resemble the Return of the Jedi villain, the Emperor.

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Facts about brushing teeth

10 Facts About Brushing Your Teeth

William Addis invented the toothbrush while in prison; he made it out of cow bone and pig bristles.

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