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Paul Casey
Mostly interested in pop culture and random knowledge. I host three different podcasts and just love doing creative things. I’ve never been good at describing myself..... Hey, mom! Look, I have a byline!
Some of the best breakout characters in television history

6 Notable Breakout Characters In Television History 

Did you know that in BBC's Doctor Who, the Doctor wasn't initially meant to be the main focus of the series?

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Lost - Were They Dead The Whole Time?

6 Facts That Prove They Weren’t Dead The Whole Time On LOST

Did you know that the TV show LOST still holds the title for having the most misunderstood ending of any TV show to date?

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10 Times Led Zeppelin Borrowed or Stole Lyrics

10 Times Led Zeppelin Borrowed or Stole Lyrics

Led Zeppelin originally wanted to be called "Lead Zeppelin" but they felt that "thick Americans" would pronounce the word wrong.

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Star Wars style Lost Poster

9 Best Star Wars References in LOST

Billy Dee Williams who plays Lando Calrissian in Star Wars, made a guest appearance in the worst rated episode of Lost.

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