Sometimes you hear a new song that you can’t find even after searching for it online. But have no fear – these music facts are sure to get stuck in your head!

Here you’ll find facts about your favorite singers, bands, musical instruments, and more!

Facts about the trombone

10 Terrific Facts About The Trombone

Did you know that left-handed trombonists have to play the trombone the same way as their right-handed counterparts?

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Facts about Rihanna

45 Fabulous Facts About Rihanna

Did you know that singer-songwriter Rihanna won her High School beauty pageant when she was 16 years old?

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Halsey facts

30 Heroic Facts About Halsey

In June 2020, Halsey set up The Black Creators Fund to provide financial support and resources to black artists.

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30 Facts About Lauv

30 Lovely Facts About Lauv

In 2019, singer-songwriter Lauv created a game like Flappy Bird called "Billy Meets World", which he named after his pet dog.

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Facts about Lil Nas X

30 Fast Facts About Lil Nas X

At the 2020 Grammy awards, Lil Nas X wore a fuchsia-colored custom-made Versace suit which took 700 hours to construct.

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Unique facts about Michael Jackson

15 Unique Facts About Michael Jackson

Did you know that Michael Jackson once tried to buy out Marvel Comics so that he could become a superhero?

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How classical music affects the brain

How Does Classical Music Affect The Brain?

Did you know that when babies listen to classical music it can help them develop their memory skills?

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Facts about Blackpink

35 Fab Facts About Blackpink

In March 2020, Blackpink won the award for the Most Listened to K-pop Artist (Female) from the Spotify Awards.

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5 Banging Facts About Bongo Drums

5 Booming Facts About Bongo Drums

Did you know that a person who plays the bongo drums is known as a "bongosero"?

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The Top Secret Government Song

The Message To Colombian Hostages Hidden In A Pop Song

In order to contact their hostages in secret, Alfonso Diaz came up with the idea to hide a message in Morse Code within a song.

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Africa Art Installation

The Mystery Hut Playing “Africa” by Toto For All Eternity

Powered by solar batteries, the 1982 hit single "Africa" by Toto, will be playing on a loop forever in the Namib Desert, Africa.

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Jack Johnson Facts

30 Chill Facts About Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson endured a near fatal surfing accident, which ended his short-lived career as a professional surfer at age 17.

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