Europe is full of dozens of cultures and ethnic groups, it can be an exciting place to explore!

But even if you can’t go there, you can still learn the facts about Europe until the day you book your ticket and head over for a visit!

Facts about Ukraine

37 Interesting Facts About Ukraine

Arsenalna station in Kyiv, Ukraine, is 346 feet underground, making it the world's deepest metro station.

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Facts about Italy

16 Interesting Facts About Italy

Did you know that there's a drinking fountain in Caldari di Ortona in Abruzzo, Italy, that flows with wine instead of water?

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20 exciting facts about England

20 Exciting Facts About England That You Should Know

The largest library in the world is situated in London, England, and it contains over 160 million books and manuscripts.

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Facts all about the Eiffel Tower

12 Exciting Facts About The Eiffel Tower

Did you know that taking photos of the Eiffel Tower after dusk is illegal?

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50 surprising facts about sunny Spain

50 Surprising Facts About Sunny Spain

Once a year, Spain holds a festival called La Tomatina where everyone takes to the streets and has a food fight with tomatoes.

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Wonderful Facts about Amsterdam

10 Friendly Facts About Amsterdam

Despite the fact that there are only 820,000 people living in Amsterdam, there are 1 million bikes in the city!

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Surprising Facts about Monaco

Marvelous Facts & History About Monaco

Did you know that Monaco is one of six countries in the world that does not have an airport?

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Surprising outcome of Chernobyl on the UK

How The Chernobyl Disaster Affected The UK

One site where the effects of Chernobyl’s radioactive rains is still very present today, in the famous Loch Ness in Scotland.

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Amazing Facts About Denmark

15 Delightful Facts About Denmark

In 1989, Denmark became the first country in the world to grant legal recognition to same-sex unions.

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Ireland Facts

30 Facts About Ireland That Will Shamrock Your World

Irish Gaelic is the official language of Ireland, but only 380,000 fluent speakers remain.

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30 Scotland Facts

30 Scotland Facts That Will Lift Your Kilt!

There is an estimated 3,000 castles in Scotland, which equals one castle for every 100 square miles.

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20 Facts About Malta

20 Surprising Facts About Malta

Whilst on his way to Egypt, Napoleon took over Malta from the Knights in 1798.

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