The ocean holds a lot of mysteries – fish being one of them! With other 228,000 difference fish species out there with more to be discovered, there’s certainly a vast amount of information to be learned about these water dwelling creatures. Here we have the best facts about fish!

Facts about blobfish

9 Bizarre Facts About Blobfish That You Should Know

Blobfish don't have a skeleton or teeth! When hungry, they float above the seabed and eat microscopic bacteria.

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Facts about seafood

11 Tasty Facts About Seafood

Did you know that oysters can change their gender? Research suggests all oysters will do this at least once during their lifetime.

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Blue Tang Fish Facts

9 Fun Facts About Blue Tang Fish

Blue tang fish can change color depending on their mood. When stressed, the blue tang's color changes to a darker violet.

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Facts about sea urchins

9 Unbelievable Facts About Urchins

In 2006 a new species of sea urchin was discovered through eBay after photos were uploaded and discussed by a group of collectors.

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Facts all about Nemo

5 Nifty Facts About Nemo

In Finding Nemo, did you know that Nemo was the only surviving fish out of 400 eggs?

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10 fishy facts about rainbow trout

10 Fishy Facts About Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout will always return to their birthplace when the time comes to spawn their eggs.

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Fugu - Most Poisonous Food in the World

The World’s 5 Most Poisonous Foods

The world's most poisonous foods include; Fugu, Giant Bullfrog, Ackee & Casu Marzu.

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Fishy Facts About Business Fish

Fishy Facts About Facebook’s Business Fish

Doritos once bought out a limited edition Business Fish-Flavored Dorito, which the Business Fish himself helped fund and design.

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Kissing Gourami Fish

30 True Facts About Tropical Fish

Did you know that Clownfish can live up to five years in captivity?

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A Group of Giraffes

Names for Groups of Animals

Did you know that the collective name for a group of foxes is known as a charm?

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Zebrafish Facts

Facts About The Zebrafish

Zebrafish are tropical freshwater fish native to the Himalayan Region. They tend to live in shallow ponds & standing waters.

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Shark Facts

30 Gripping Facts About Sharks

You are more likely to die by a vending machine than at the jaws of a shark.

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