Pets have a special place in not only our home but our hearts too. Once you have one, it’s hard not to get more! Some prefer cats, some prefer dogs, while others may go for a more exotic option!

Find out these awesome facts about our furry friends!

Do cats have nine lives?

Do Cats Really Have Nine Lives?

Cats have a "righting reflex" where they can twist their bodies as they fall, ensuring that they securely land on their feet.

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13 German Shepherd Facts

13 Jolly Facts About German Shepherds

Did you know that Germans Shepherds are the third most intelligent dog breed in the world?

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10 Chill Facts About Chihuahuas

10 Chill Facts About Chihuahuas That You Should Know

Did you know that Chihuahuas are the world's smallest breed of dog?

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Adorable Corgi dog facts

12 Captivating Facts About Corgis That You Should Know

Did you know that Corgis are listed as the 11th smartest breed of dog?

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Why are black cats associated with halloween?

Why Are Black Cats Associated With Halloween?

In the US many shelters won't put black cats up for adoption, as they are worried that people would only want them for Halloween.

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100 Cat Facts

100 Facts About Cats That You Should Read Right Meow

Many people are allergic to cats, but did you know that cats can actually be allergic to humans too?

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Pickles - The Dog That Found The World Cup Trophy

The World Cup Trophy Was Stolen & Found By A Dog

After Pickles the dog found the World Cup trophy, he went on to star in the feature film The Spy With The Cold Nose.

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30 Facts About Snakes

30 Facts About Snakes That Will Rattle Your Mind

The mongoose is one of those rare animals that are immune to a snake’s venom.

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19 Cute Facts About Hamsters

Stop. Hamster Time! 19 Cute Hamster Facts

Though some hamsters are as small as 2-4 inches, the largest ones are approximately 13" long.

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Dog with head out the car window.

100 Facts About Dogs & Puppies

St. Bernard’s have been used for years as mountain rescue dogs. The most successful was Barry, who saved 40 lives.

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Kissing Gourami Fish

30 True Facts About Tropical Fish

Did you know that Clownfish can live up to five years in captivity?

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Santa's Little Helper Facts

Santa’s Little Helper Facts | The Simpsons

The sound effects for The Simpsons' family dog, Santa’s Little Helper, originally came from voice-actor Frank Welker.

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