Thirty Facts About The Number 30

Superstition says that if you dream about the number 30 it means someone is lying to you.

    The number thirty is a number just like any other number, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important!

    Numbers each have their own value depending on what importance people give to them, maybe it’s your date of birth or anniversary, or maybe you find it to be your lucky number.

    Well, whatever the reason, here are thirty facts you probably didn’t know about the number 30.

    In Bingo, the ball 30 is known as “Dirty Gertie, Blind 30”.

    A polygon with 30 sides is a triacontagon.

    The number 30 is known as a Harshad number, or a number divisible by the sum of its digits.

    In Back to The Future, Marty McFly traveled 30 years back in time.

    The number 30, but separated by two hyphens is used to indicate the end of a newspaper story (-30-).

    To see anything related to the number 30 in your dreams usually means that someone or something lacks truth. Someone is lying to you or something is not be what it seems.

    In the periodic table of elements, Phosphorus has an atomic weight of 30.9738.

    30 is the total number of major and minor keys in Western tonal music.

    As Roman Numerals the number 30 is XXX.

    A 30-week old child in the womb has 20/400 vision and can only see right in front of them when they open their eyes, which won’t be very often during that time.

    After Athens was defeated in 404 B.C. Following the Peloponnesian war, thirty people were elected as government. During their thirteen-month reign, they killed about 5% percent of the Athenian population and confiscated much of their property. Their rule was so cruel they became known as ‘The Thirty Tyrants’.

    There are 30 upright stones that form the Sarsen Circle at Stonehenge.

    The oldest a seal can age is up to 30 years.

    Cats have exactly 30 teeth.

    Judas, in the Bible, betrayed Jesus in exchange for 30 silver coins.

    In binary code, 30 can be written as 11110.

    Thirty was an important age for people to be in the Bible. Aaronic priests served at thirty years of age because at that age, a man reaches mental and physical maturity. Christ began preaching at 30.

    Greece’s Country code is 30. If you have a long-distance call to make.

    The minimum age a U.S. Senator has to be is 30.

    Thirty percent of the population of the Kingdom of Tonga (a Polynesian sovereign state located in the southern Pacific Ocean) speaks English.

    A college student named Cam Brantley-Rios dedicated 30 days of his life to eating only bug-based meals and sharing it on his blog. Also yes… he ate bugs all thirty days and beat the challenge.

    The star Gamma Pavonis, a star 84% larger than our sun, is 30 light-years away.

    When a married couple reaches 30 years of marriage it is known as their Pearl Wedding Anniversary.

    On November 15, 1964, a man named Jack Weinberg coined the phrase, “Don’t trust anyone over 30”.

    There are 30 tracks on the Beatles’ The White Album.

    One of the longest fantasy book series is called The Riftwar Cycle and spans 30 books! A book addict might not see the light of day for a year.

    The number 30 is has a lot to do with how we measure time. The number of minutes in an hour is divisible by thirty. The number of seconds in a minute is divisible by thirty. The average amount of days on a calendar month is thirty.

    In tennis, the number 30 represents the second point gained in a game.

    The atomic number of zinc is 30.

    November 30th is Computer Security Day.


    There we have it, thirty facts all about the awesome number 30. Who’d have thought there’d be so many.

    If you think we’ve missed any be sure to post them in comments below.

    Until then – we look forward to seeing you on another interesting number fact article!

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