Tenacious Facts About The Taurus Zodiac Sign

Did you know that the numbers 6 and 9 are commonly considered lucky numbers for Taurus?

    Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac and belongs to people born between April 20 and May 20.

    Generally considered to be very intelligent and grounded, it’s no surprise that Taurus follows closely after the leader Aries.

    This sign is governed by the planet Venus, which is strongly associated with love and passion.

    A bull represents Taurus, and people born under the sign are usually referred to as “Tauruses” or “Taureans.”

    Were you born during this time of the year? Do you want to learn more about how being a Taurus affects your life?

    Carry on reading to find out more about this intriguing sign of the zodiac.

    What is Taurus known for?

    What are Tauruses known for?

    Taurus will not shy away from hard work and is one of the most grounded of the zodiac signs.

    They are perseverant and dedicated and can overcome many interpersonal conflicts and problems that other people might find challenging.

    Taureans like to enjoy the best in life and are often found chasing after extravagance and luxuries.

    This is why so many Tauruses are very hard-working and dedicated. Other people may interpret Taurus’ love of luxury as needy or materialistic.

    A Taurus is generally laid back but can get very angry if provoked – just like a bull.

    Taureans are social creatures but may be stubborn and steadfast in their beliefs, damaging relationships between friends.

    5 interesting facts about Tauruses.

    Five Taurus facts

    Taurus is one of the Spring zodiacs sitting between Aries and Gemini. Spring is significant in astrology since it marks the beginning of the new season.

    A bull represents Taurus, which symbolizes strength, power, and determination. A bull will stay calm and collected when it is happy but will respond quickly if it becomes angry.

    Venus, known as the planet of love and beauty, is the ruling planet of Taurus. It is widely believed that Venus is responsible for the sensual appeal and good luck which Taurus may experience.

    The numbers 6 and 9 are commonly considered lucky numbers for Taurus.

    There are reports of the constellation Taurus dating as far back as the Bronze Age. The constellation became known for its bright star Aldebaran – the 14th brightest star!

    What is a Taurus’ weakness?

    Tauruses weakness

    Taurus has many great qualities, but just like every other zodiac, it has its weaknesses too.

    Taureans tend to be stubborn, and some might even accuse Taurus of being narrow-minded.

    In addition, their desire for luxury can lead a Taurus towards a materialistic mindset which some might see as greedy.

    Who does Taurus usually marry?

    Tauruses perfect match

    Not all zodiac signs are a suitable match for Taurus. Generally, the best partners are Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, and Virgo.

    While many star signs don’t match well with others who share their sign, Taureans will often get along well with other Taureans too.

    What is Taurus’ favorite color?

    Tauruses favorite color

    Their connection to the planet Venus means that many Taureans are drawn to the colors pink and red, symbolizing love and beauty.

    Since it is an Earth sign, Taurus may also like blue and green – colors that reflect the world’s natural beauty.

    Fun facts about famous Taureans.

    Facts about famous Taureans

    1. Born on April 26, writer and poet William Shakespeare is one of the most famous Tauruses. It’s no surprise that he became well-known for his romantic sonnets and plays.
    2. Singer Kelly Clarkson was born on April 24 and has had a lot of global success as an award-winning musical artist. In addition, she has had success as a show host and children’s book author.
    3. Barbra Streisand is another famous Taurus born on April 24. She became one of the biggest names in Hollywood and won a Golden Globe for Best Director.
    4. Born on April 26, Channing Tatum seems to match well with Sagittarius. He was married to Jenna Dewan, a Sagittarius, for ten years. After they split, he began dating Zoe Kravitz – also a Sagittarius. While Taurus and Sagittarius are not known for being a good match, their opposite traits can sometimes be a good fit for each other.
    5. Arguably the most famous Taurus globally, Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21. She was calm and diplomatic and was crowned Queen at the young age of 25.

    Taureans enjoy the good life and work hard to get what they want.

    Most people will get along with a friendly Taurus, even if they can’t quite understand their laidback and calm approach.

    While they tend to be stubborn and materialistic, Tauruses are highly intelligent and intuitive too.

    So, the next time you meet a Taurus, you’ll know what to expect!

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