25 Simulating Facts About The Sims

Did you know that characters from The Sims can actually die from embarrassment?

    The Sims is undoubtedly the most popular simulation game on the market!

    Players love the versatility and freedom to customize their characters’ lives in the game.

    It has been so popular that people still keep buying every new extension pack they come out with. Yes, even the packs with just new furniture.

    Here are some facts about the game that will get you even more plugged into their world.

    After the Firestorm in Oakland in 1991, Will Wright lost his home. This inspired him to create a virtual dollhouse game where the characters could rebuild their lives from scratch. This was the start of his soon-to-be-famous game: The Sims.

    In the 1993 game prototype, the toilet became the first item in the game that the sims could interact with. This is because a toilet offers female and male characters opportunities for interactions such as flushing and lid position.

    The iconic gem above the character’s head is called a plumbob. It is a symbol that is very much associated with The Sims franchise.

    The Sims language is derived from real languages. It is called Simlish and combines Ukrainian, French, Latin, Finnish, English, Fijian, Cebuano, and Tagalog. Game developers opted to use inflections and tones in the language to portray a character’s feelings and emotions.

    In The Sims 1, a bear appears to dig in your trash or steal food from your picnic basket. Her name is Claire the Bear. She was the first persistent animal character in The Sims.

    Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, first appeared in the lake in The Sims 1. You can type the cheat “Nessie” to force her to appear. She can also be seen in The Sims Downtown, The Sims Vacation Island, and The Sims: Unleashed.

    You can befriend a talking toilet in The Sims 4. The talking toilet can increase your hygiene and allow you to watch TV while using the bathroom.

    A player can resurrect a character when they have reached the highest level in the Bestselling Author career. You can then capture “A Living Sim’s Epic Story” and use that book to bring that sim back into the living world.

    In The Sims 4, you can kill a sim with a bouquet. At level 9 in the flower arrangement career, you can attach the scent of the Death Flower to an excellent-level bouquet. This will age younger sims and kill older sims.

    You can befriend a hermit in Sims 4 to get the secret recipe “Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy” if you are an aspiring herbalist or is on the gardening career path. This hidden character can be found deep in the woods of Granite Falls.

    Music artists were asked to record the music used in The Sims franchise in Simlish. Some of the artists who got involved are Katy Perry, My Chemical Romance, and Paramore.

    As soon as you reach your 100th day in the game, you will be sent a congratulatory letter and 28 days of additional information about the developer.

    In The Sims 2, a deadly virus came from guinea pig bites. This gained a lot of complaints from gamers which prompted a change. Instead of dying, your sim will only get really sick after the bite.

    A cheat can make the grim reaper your roommate in Sims 4. You need to hit CTRL+Shift, type “testingcheatson,” and then Shift+Click on the grim reaper to set him as your roommate.

    Bella Goth’s disappearance is one of the biggest mysteries in The Sims franchise. Some of the speculations surrounding her disappearance are that she was killed, she disappeared because of a virus, or aliens abducted her. She still appears as an NPC in the game.

    Convert trash into treasure in The Sims 4 by leaving your garbage around. It will become a trash plant that bears edible fruit if you leave it long enough.

    Be a grilled cheese lover! Sims need to eat grilled cheese three times in a row while in level 9 cooking skills to gain this secret aspiration. You can then summon a grilled cheese sandwich anytime you like.

    In The Sims 1, you can get pregnant just by kissing. The “getting pregnant” process becomes more detailed in the subsequent game releases.

    You can watch TV shows from a different planet in The Sims 4. A sim can tap into new channels from other planets with a well-developed handiness skill.

    A sim can die due to embarrassment. If your sim gets embarrassed multiple times within a short period, your sim can die of “mortification.”

    The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS is known for its creepy vibe. It has an empty town feel, mysterious notes from a stranger, and an impending alien invasion. The PC version of Sims 2 also had its own vibe with ghosts, werewolves, and vampires.

    You can reveal a secret cartoon of Will Wright by clicking on the Maxxis logo on the loading screen. He’ll ride a scooter with several tiny people hanging off his arms, legs, and head.

    A Pattern Language, published in 1997, is one of the bestselling architectural books of all time. The second is A Theory of Human Motivation by Abraham Maslow, published in 1943, which talks about the human hierarchy of needs, and the last is Maps of the Mind by Charles Hampton, published in 1982, about human behavior. The game creator took inspiration from these three books.

    While playing The Sims 2, you can die from a randomly falling satellite. This rarely happens, but it can occur when a sim gazes at the sky for too long.

    The Sims postage stamps were created by the French postal service La Poste in 2005 and are part of the limited-edition collection – heroes of videogames!

    Lots of characters from The Sims

    This is just the tip of the iceberg of cool facts about the massive Sims franchise.

    Be prepared to discover more as the world of The Sims continues to grow!

    The game developers are not stopping anytime soon by adding more secrets and easter eggs.

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