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Spud the Spineless Hedgehog

Spud the Spineless Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are covered in roughly six thousand spines, which are brown with white tips.

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Albino Dolphin

Pink Bottlenose Dolphin Photographed

The world's first pink bottlenose dolphin was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA.

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Edible Parts of A Pig

Edible Parts Of A Pig

There are many parts of a pig which is edible, the loin, belly, head, neck, leg and more!

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Owl Facts

Some Facts About Owls

Even though we may not consider owls to be the most graceful, did you know some owls have special feathers to fly quietly?

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Dik-Dik Facts

A Few Fun Facts About the Dik-Dik

Did you know that a dik-dik is a tiny antelope that lives in the bush of East Africa, Namibia and Angola?

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Duck Quacking

Does A Duck’s Quack Echo?

They worked out that a duck's quack does echo, but it is really tricky to hear because of the tone of the quack.

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