Most Common Pub Name In the UK

Among the most common pub names in the U.K. are Crown, Red Lion, and Royal Oak.

    There are only four pubs acceptable to go to in my town, and none of them appear in the list of the top 10 most popular pub names in the UK.

    A survey by CAMRA in 2007 reveals a list of the ten most popular pub names in the UK.

    This list isn’t exact because obviously three years have passed since this survey; also there are questions as to what actually makes a public house not a nightclub or a licensed restaurant.

    The number of pubs with the given name is shown next to the name (in brackets).

    Crown (704)

    Red Lion (668)

    Royal Oak (541)

    Swan (451)

    White Hart (431)

    Railway (420)

    Plough (413)

    White Horse (379)

    Bell (378)

    New Inn (372)

    Which of these are in your town? Or are you surprised that a certain name isn’t in this list?

    Let us know in the comments!

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