The Most Common Street Names In The UK

High Street, Station Road, and Main Street are among the U.K.'s most popular street names.

    So, I was on a one-hour bus journey today, it was rather boring, so I decided to look for funny street names.

    Whilst looking, I saw three roads called Church Road, which made me wonder what the most common road name is.

    So here goes! Here’s a list of the UK’s 50 most popular street names.

    High Street

    Station Road

    Main Street

    Park Road

    Church Road

    Church Street

    London Road

    Victoria Road

    Green Lane

    Manor Road

    Church Lane

    Park Avenue

    The Avenue

    The Crescent

    Queens Road

    New Road

    Grange Road

    Kings Road


    Windsor Road

    Highfield Road

    Mill Lane

    Alexander Road

    York Road

    St. John’s Road

    Main Road


    King Street

    The Green

    Springfield Road

    George Street

    Park Lane

    Victoria Street

    Albert Road


    New Street

    Queen Street

    West Street

    North Street

    Manchester Road

    The Grove

    Richmond Road

    Grove Road

    South Street

    School Lane

    The Drive

    North Road

    Stanley Road

    Chester Road

    Mill Road

    One street name I’d like to see would be one called “The Road”, I’m pretty sure there is one, but I’ve never seen one.

    If you live near “The Road” please take a pic and let me know!

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